Get On With Your Life

FS Stapleton Alliance’s discretionary management service is designed to give you freedom.

Discretionary investment management service

The primary service we provide is discretionary investment management. Once we've worked together to identify suitable investments based on your investment goals and risk aversion, you entrust us with the task of making the day-to-day buying and selling decisions on your behalf.

Discretionary investment management provides several benefits to you as a client.

These include:

Your risk aversion is established during our initial meeting. We’re contractually prohibited from purchasing assets on your behalf that carry more risk than you have agreed to.

Different asset classes tend to rise and fall independently of each other, so your portfolio should be rebalanced from time to time to maintain an optimal mix of investments.

Discretionary investment management frees you from the burden of making investment decisions. Research has shown that these are best assigned to a qualified portfolio manager who is more closely attuned to market flows, leaving you to pursue your other interests.

Our managers can move quickly to take advantage of sudden market opportunities or respond to dangers without having to secure your permission beforehand.