Sensible, Disciplined Investing

We take a disciplined investment approach, seeking an optimal balance between return and risk.

Investment tailored to suit you

FS Stapleton Alliance is not afraid to go against conventional wisdom and think “outside the box.” We examine and consider many securities before constructing a unique portfolio for you. We can build around assets you already hold or start from a clean slate; the choice is yours.

In every case, we create a diversified portfolio that provides maximum flexibility and built-in safeguards against market fluctuations in asset classes and other potential risks.

Transparent investing

As our client, you'll always understand precisely where your money has been invested and why we believe we’ve invested your capital in those assets on your behalf. We explain our strategy carefully in non-technical language so that you’re fully aware of the potential rewards and risks of any particular portfolio component.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your investments are made in reputable and reliable companies that we realistically expect to meet or exceed their earnings forecasts. Although we pride ourselves on our independent thinking and our ability to see beyond the most obvious investment choices, our disciplined selection process guarantees avoiding anything we believe is “all gloss and no substance”.

We aren’t affiliated with any particular investment or product provider; all assets in your portfolio are chosen solely for their potential to get you where you want to be financially.