The First Step: Listening!

Before we act, we make a point of listening intently to your needs.

First Impressions Count

Our process begins when you have a consultation with one of our professional investment advisors. This can be either in person or via video conference. In this initial session, we’ll listen carefully to ascertain what’s most important to you. We’ll ask questions and examine documents you provide so we can assess your circumstances before moving on to discussing your long-term investment goals.

Managing risk

A vital component of our discovery process is determining your risk tolerance. Are you interested in safe and steady growth or are you patient enough to participate in more volatile, noisy markets that might ultimately produce significantly higher gains?

Crafting an effective plan

Based on the information you provide at our initial fact-finding consultation plus any additional information from you, we’ll develop an investment strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals while seeking out cost-effective options.

Managing change

Markets change over time, often very rapidly. This might require us to adjust your investment strategy. When markets dictate or when your personal circumstances and/or long-term investment goals change, we may need to fine tune the balance of your portfolio but, naturally, we’ll discuss this with you at length.