Diversified Investment Options

We consider a wide range of investments, scrutinizing asset growth rate and risk aversion.

Building a unique, balanced portfolio

At FS Stapleton Alliance, we’re both very selective and very open-minded about the investments we recommend. There’s always a tradeoff between risk and reward and each client has a unique comfort zone.

We can recommend a wide selection of investments to best fit your circumstances. Choices range from traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds to alternative investments.

Stocks & bonds

Traditional assets that make up the bulk of most of our clients’ portfolio are stocks and government or corporate bonds, trading on both domestic and foreign markets.

We favor stocks that we believe have a long-term competitive advantage and which are priced fairly according to various measures. For bonds, we primarily consider their credit risk and the issuer’s ability to continue paying principal and interest until maturity.

In addition to purchasing these directly, we can also invest in mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in the stock and debt of specific types of companies.

Alternative investments

FS Stapleton Alliance believes its clients should have the advantage of expert guidance if they wish to participate in alternative markets. We do caution, however, that while this diversification can often provide excellent returns, the assets may carry more risk and, therefore, may not be suitable for all clients.

One popular alternative market on which we can advise you based on extensive internal research is the market for commodities. Commodities are among others, raw materials like foodstuffs, fuel, metals and others.

A specific commodity that has maintained its attractiveness to investors over many years is precious metals, primarily gold or silver bullion. We offer clients the option to take delivery of the metal directly as well as the convenience of investing in ETPs (Exchange-traded Products).